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🐣Important Information Regarding Our Eggs!🐣

Welcome to Head to Bows Boutique's Egg Info page! We hope this page can help answer any questions you may have about purchasing one of our filled eggs.
Why Can't I Add Items From The Webshop To My Egg?
When choosing items as choices for our eggs, we wanted to make it as fair as possible, which is why we have pulled the inventory from our website and added some new goodies, too! You can find a list of everything available to be added to the eggs on the egg listings. 
What Happens If I Purchase An Egg And Change My Choices?
Unfortunately, due to the turnaround of our warehouse and shipping eggs, we have to go by the first choice in your notes, which is why we ask you please enter your 4 small items, 2 medium items and 1 large item into your notes section of your order. Otherwise, the fillings will be randomised to fit the gender of your chosen egg. 
Can I Have My Egg Stored In An Open Box?
Unfortunately, not. Due to the size of the eggs, we have to make sure the eggs are stored safely. Which is why we have offered Egg Shipping for eggs. When you purchase a single egg, it'll cost you £3 to ship via DPD. If you purchase two eggs, you will receive FREE DPD shipping. You should only see an Egg Shipping method when purchasing your egg. If you see other shipping options, please let us know so we can help you.
Will My Other Orders Be Shipped With My Egg?
No. This is due to the size of the eggs. We want to make sure you receive your goods safely and securely! When you purchase an egg and choose the egg shipping method, only your egg and egg choices/random egg selection will be sent.