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How Do The H2B Live Sales Work on Facebook?

Our Facebook Live Sales are a fun and exciting way to shop!

🤔How Does A H2B Live Work?🤔

Facebook Live Sales are a great way of shopping from your armchair or sofa with a glass in hand. We try and make it as easy as possible for all our viewers to enjoy shopping from the comfort of your own home! 

We announce our lives exclusively on our Facebook page, so be sure to keep an eye on there for updates on when we next go live! When we are live, all you have to do is click our live video on our Facebook page and you'll be part of the shopping experience. ✨

🤔What Can I Purchase on a Live?🤔

We have a wide variety of stock available at Head to Bows Boutique LTD! Our lives can include everything from toys and children's accessories, to stocking stuffers, stationary and so much more. Goods on our live are sometimes listed on our website, however it's a good idea to be active on the live to bag some exclusive goods! ✨

🤔How Do I Purchase on a Live?🤔

When we're live, an item will be shown with a unique item number. The ONLY way to purchase the item is to comment BAG IT along with the number you see on the screen with the item. 

We have limited quantities of all of our live sale products and all sales work on a first come first serve basis... Once it's gone - it's gone! Char will announce on the live once something is sold out and will read out the names of those who were able to bag the product before moving onto the next one! 

Our ✨top tip✨ for being seen on a Facebook live is to use emojis at the end of your comment! This helps your comment be seen and helps stop Facebook from filtering you out. For example:

BAG IT 41🌈🦄

🤔What Happens Next?🤔

If you're successful in purchasing on our live, your name will be announced before the next product is shown. We recommend keeping a note of what you've spent and what you've purchased on our lives!

The next day, you will receive a notification or message giving you a total of your spend from the live. When you receive your total, you will have the option of having your order shipped ASAP or to start an ✨Open Box!✨ If you already have an Open Box, just let us know if you'd like your purchases popped in your box! 

🤔How Do I Pay?🤔

Payment can be made one of two ways:

1) PayPal - c.nevin@hotmail.co.uk

2) Bank Transfer - please message us for Bank Details

🤔What Are The Rules of The Live?🤔

We like to make sure our lives are enjoyable for everyone. Though we know that 99.9% of the time it's an enjoyable experience for everyone, there are some rules that we like to spread out there for all shoppers to follow to keep everyone smiling! 

1) Be Careful Where You Share! - On our lives, we sometimes do giveaways where we ask viewers to spread some rainbow love and share the video across Facebook. Though we ask that you share, we also ask that you're please mindful of where you share the live. We are not accountable for where the live ends up shared and ask that our viewers only share in appropriate places.

2) Don't Get In Facebook Jail! - Facebook has their own rules and regulations you must follow when using the website. Sometimes oversharing, spam commenting and other fast-paced interactions can end you up in Facebook Jail. Please be mindful of this when partaking in the Facebook lives. We're not responsible if this happens. 

3) Rainbow Love Only! - With a wide audience, comes a wide responsibility. At Head To Bows, we do not tolerate any bullying, hate speech, harmful behaviour or cyberbullying taunts. We have a team who moderate and monitor the Facebook live chats as much as possible to ensure everyone stays safe. Any form of bullying, hate speech or harmful behaviour will result in being banned from the page.